College Life at Home: Stuart Thomson, HR Assistant

HR Assistant Stuart Thomson has told us about how he has dealt with lockdown, reflecting on his time in the army and the changes to his daily routine.

The beginning

This has been a huge change, having never worked from home before. At first it was a little strange and difficult to get used to.

It was a strange feeling basically being able to roll out of bed in the morning and being ‘in work’. I haven’t had that since I left the Army in 2010. I forgot what it was like not having that morning commute and time to plan out my day in my head. That was something that I missed at first but have adapted my morning routine now. Now I login at ‘first light’ to see what my day has in store for me and respond to any emails I have had through the night/early morning. To get back my ‘planning time’ that I would had during my commute, I then break to grab some brekkie of Crunchy Nut and a large mug of Coffee J!

Adapting to the new ‘office’

First of all there was a lot to get organised with getting a laptop, any of my notes from the office, stationery and other supplies. I also had to make sure I had access to all systems that I needed. Thanks to our fantastic ICT team, that went very smoothly and they honestly couldn’t have done anymore to help me, my team and the rest of the College staff.

We all started to work from home around 17th March. This time of the month is always a critical point for me. Processes had to be changed very quickly as we were only a matter of a few days away from everything having to be confirmed so that we can all get paid on time. Thankfully, I was able to work with the Council payroll team and our very own finance team to get payroll away on time. I didn’t fancy having 300 people lining up at my front door (obviously keeping the required 2 metre distances) so I was relieved that went as well as could be expected!

A new routine

I have now got myself into a nice routine now. Things can always crop up day to day but we have a great team in the college so no m

atter what life is throwing at us, I know we can get through this time together.

I’ve been coping well with the isolation so far, just been going out for a daily walk and just to the shops once a week. I have been trying my best to reduce the number of outings. Not always possible but getting used to that way of life now.

My wife and I haven’t been able to see any family on the weekends like we are used to but trying to keep in touch with everyone with video and phone calls.

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