Sustainability Summit: Cameron Mackay

Cameron Mackay will be a keynote speaker at West Lothian College’s upcoming Sustainability Summit.

Splitting his time between the University of Strathclyde’s sustainability team and working as a filmmaker and presenter for platforms like BBC The Social, Cameron uses media to tell stories of climate change and potential sustainable futures in Scotland.

On his speech Cameron said: “I plan to talk about some of my main learning points in what we can all do as individuals, and within universities to take action on climate change and work to create a better world for everyone around us.

“I’m hoping to include some short video footage of an interview with Greta Thunberg I did last year where she gives her message to Scottish young people as well as a couple of clips from my films about the impacts of climate change in the Himalaya and Scotland to set the scene.

“The talk is framed around 5 easy steps we can all take to act on climate change (slowing down how we travel, listening to others, taking personal action, imagining positive futures and supporting the people around us). I’m hoping to end on a positive and motivating point about how we all have the power to take action together.”

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