Sustainability Summit: Less Waste Laura

Less Waste Laura will be one of West Lothian College’s keynote speakers at the upcoming Sustainability Summit.

Laura has dedicated herself to raising awareness about environmental issues affecting everyone across the world. Currently working for the international development charity Tearfund, for whom she is now the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) advocacy and campaigns coordinator, Laura works to educate people about what can be done to tackle climate change.

Laura completed her degree in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Dundee, and gained a Masters in Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Edinburgh.

Summing up her talk for the summit, Laura said: “As individuals, we can make a huge difference. There is a phrase, that if ’nobody changes, nothing will change’, and I am a strong believer in what communities can do when we work together in changing our lifestyles for the better.

“The environment, climate change, and plastic pollution has taken centre stage in our news in the last year, so it is time to really act on what we know, and change this world for the better. I will talk about the link between our lifestyles, and people living across the world.

“Focusing on how the people being hit the hardest by plastic pollution and climate change are the ones contributing to it the least.”

You can find out more about Laura and her work at

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